3-Dimensional Candles


Supplies Needed

*1/8  in diameter party candles found in card and party shops.

*Slick paints in you color choices  


Making the Project

*Before cutting to 1" lengths, decorate with snowmen, Santa's, angel's, etc onto the candles with slick paints right out of the bottle.

*If you are painting any design with lots of details then you may want to put the slick paint into bottles with finer tips or add a finer tip to the bottle of slick paint temporarily. 

*Paint free hand using a picture of item to copy as a guide. (try a snow man first, it's the easiest) You can also use a little bit of very fine glitter sprinkled on the still wet paint. Let dry and then cut them into desired lengths and you have the cutest candles that you can actually light if you expose the wick after cutting.

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Contributed by: rosebuds



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