3-Dimensional Pictures


Supplies Needed

*Small floral picture similar to the one shown.

*tacky glue

*Modeling Compound or Paper for Punching flowers

*other adornments you may want to add, such as beads for jewelry, as in this picture, slick paint maybe to enhance other features of the print.

Making the project

*Find a picture of a simple floral print with few flowers.

*Make a few of the flowers from modeling compound or paper flowers. Donít make as many as the picture has.  If there are 5 flowers in the picture then make 2 paper or compound flowers.

*Choose a couple flowers and dab a dot of glue on the back of the flower and place it on a flower on the print matching at the same angle that the flower in the print has.  Separate them so they are not close together.

*You can add some leaves, a butterfly, or a hummingbird or a lady bug or two.

*Frame Print


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Contributed by: rosebuds



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