Make a braided rug using embroidery floss, fabric glue (glue that dries clear) & backing.  Pellon type fabric stiffeners make a good rug backing.  It is stiff & thin, so it lies flat & isn't bulky under furniture.  Felt or cotton fabric could also be used.

Draw your pattern directly on backing fabric or on paper to trace later.  Rug can be round, oval, square, rectangle or long rectangle for a runner. To draw an oval - first, draw a rectangle the size of  the rug you need.  Find a jar lid that fits in one end of the rectangle.  Draw around lid for oval end of rug.  Repeat for other end.  Round-ended runners can be drawn the same way.
Gently braid 3 strands (all  6 ply) of floss into a long length (additional lengths can be added as you go).  Not too tight - the braid should lie flat.   The rug shown above was made with 1 strand each of blue, peach & beige for the darker "rings" and, for the lighter "rings", 1 stand of beige and 2 of peach (no blue).  This gives the rug a traditional look.  Starting at the outer edge, glue floss to backing...working your way around the oval, circle or rectangle and working toward the center...fill up all the space and always keep your braid laying flat!   That's all there is to it!!  You can change color and add lengths of braid as needed.

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