Baby Booties

Baby Booties

Supplies Needed

*Pastel colored Bunka

*cocktail straw

*tacky glue

*index card

Making the Project

*The drawn pattern in slightly larger than 1" scale but you get the idea. 

*Copy pattern onto an index card or similar weight paper.

*Cut two c sections of a cocktail sized straw to an inch in length. (they are about 1/8" in diameter and striped.)

*Glue the straws standing straight up on the back heel of the shoe pattern.

*Let dry. You may have to support it with something while it is drying so it will be straight up.



*Use 'stretched out' Bunka and glue one end of it to the card on the pattern at any point. You will continue to glue all around the straws, making sure you are placing the Bunka between the straws to separate the shoes. Do not go any higher up the straw than 1/8".  Not a lot of glue is needed for the Bunka to adhere. Too much glue will destroy the “fluffy” look of the booties.  Use a thin-bodied glue for gluing Bunka to Bunka and around the straw. The Bunka gets glued on top of itself to form the mound of the toe section.

*You can add a tiny piece of Bunka to form a flower at the ankle section and add green Bunka for the leaves.

*When the glue is COMPLETELY dry, 3-4 hours at least, hold the booties very carefully with thumb and forefinger and twist the straws little by little until they loosen from the dried Bunka. Cut off the excess card around the bootie and you now can add more matching Bunka to the bottom of the bootie.


submitted by: rosebuds

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