Beaded Tissue Box


Supplies Needed

*Block of wood-3/4"long X 1/4"wide X 1/8" high.

*Seed Beads (or hole less glass beads)

*Tacky Glue

*Tiny piece of tissue

* Pointed Tweezers

Making the Project

Glue a small piece of tissue on top center that stands up about 1/4". Glue colored or clear seed beads or a combination of both all over the block of wood, except for the bottom. Glue them so the holes of the beads do not show. Using pointed tweezers to place the beads in the glue will help.  Then glue a tiny piece of tissue between rows of beads. A square tissue box can also be made.

{Hint: I drilled a small hole in the bottom of the block of wood for a toothpick to hold the wood while I glued the beads on.}

 To make the round cotton ball dispenser, use a large “pony” bead, as shown, glue on beads to match the color of large bead, leaving center hole open…fill with tiny pompoms or make your own cotton balls from real cotton.


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Contributed by: rosebuds


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