Black Forest Cake


Supplies needed
*3/4" wide wooden dowel piece, about 3/4" high.
*White Slick Paint. {used for T-shirt painting}
*Dark brown and white acrylic paint.
*1 fine paintbrush
*1 cheap, small paintbrush that has stiffer bristles.
*Thin bodied tacky glue
*Fine crushed brown railroad gravel used in landscaping. {to simulate nuts}
*Fine sandpaper
*Dark cherry red Fimo or Sculpy
*Red heavy duty thread to match the modeling compound {I ran mine through some beeswax to make it stiff, but you can use some glue and rub on and let dry so the "stem" will stand up.}
*Small sharp scissors
*Sewing needle

Making the Cherries
*Make 6-8 small red balls from Fimo or Sculpy no bigger than 3/16" in diameter. {6 or 8---depending on how many slices of cake you want}
Poke a hole in the top center with a needle wide enough that the thread will fit into. Then bake them according to directions on package.
*Cut sections of red thread no bigger than 1/8" long and dip in glue and place in hole of cherry. {you may have to trim the thread but be consistent in the length of them matching each other}

Assembling the "Cake"           

*Sand any rough edges from the wooden dowel.

*If you have access to a band saw, you can easily remove a triangular section of the dowel as illustrated. OR you can carefully cut the section out by hand with a small saw. {this is optional, but I will include it in the instructions}
*Drill a hole in the bottom of the dowel and of the slice and insert round toothpicks for easy painting.
*Paint the inside of the cake brown and the inside parts of the cake slice.
*After paint is dry, paint a white fine horizontal "icing" line on both slice sides and inside the cake as well.
*Squeeze out white Slick Paint onto the outsides of the wooden dowels and spread around evenly. The stiffer brush will add texture to the paint. As you work with it, you can also make swirls as it dries a little.
*While the paint is still "wet", roll it carefully into the railroad gravel evenly on only the outside of the cake as well as the outside of the slice. Be careful not to get any on the top of the cake.
*Glue the cherries onto the top of the cake as shown in illustration.
*Glue the cake on a platter, button, or foil covered cardboard, etc.

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