Leaf Lettuce


Supplies Needed

*1 cup of Plastic Snow (comes in bags at Christmas time for decorating)

*Lime green Model paint (used for plastic models and comes in small glass bottles)

*A shade or two darker green paint than the lime green

*2 Ziplocs bags

*Latex gloves


Making the Project

*Protect your hands with latex gloves.

*Place 1/2 cup of the snow in the Ziploc bag and drop in 4-5 "drops" of lime green paint.

*Use your hands to mix the paint and snow until all the snow is colored. Let it dry for one hour. Repeat with the darker green paint with the other 1/2-cup of snow. *Let dry and then mix the 2 colors of snow together and store in a clean plastic bag. You have perfect lettuce leaves.

More ideas for the lettuce…
**I make sandwiches using lunchmeat slices and then having the lettuce leaf hanging out of the sandwich. **Make a glass of milk using a 1/2" length of a clear straw glue to a plate (let glue dry) and fill the straw with white slick paint and you "got milk", (the milk may need to be added a couple more times as it dries because it does shrink)


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Contributed by: rosebuds


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