Magnifying Glass


Supplies Needed

*22 gauge wire (round)

*old clear nail polish

*lathed toothpick

*black acrylic paint

Making the Project

*I use the lathed end of a fancy toothpick but you can use a 1/2" piece of a 1/16" dowel.

*Drill a tiny hole in one end of the dowel about 1/8" down the center. Cut a length of 22 gauge silver or gold wire to a 1 1/2" length.

*Form the wire around a pencil or 1/4" dowel.

*Squeeze the ends together, keeping the circle perfectly round all the time and cut off enough of the excess wires so it will fit into the end of the drilled dowel. *Practice fitting it and then glue the 2 wires into the drilled hole of the dowel or toothpick with superglue.

*Let dry.  You can seal handle with acrylic matte varnish if you like.

*At this time you can paint the handle. I use black acrylic paint. After the paint is dry you make the 'glass' part.

*Using old CLEAR nail polish, get a generous amount of thick polish on brush and slide it across the silver/gold wire horizontally until you make a 'bubble' that connects in the center of the wire circle. You may have to do this several times to get the bubble to connect to the entire wire. You may also have to move the magnifying glass around so the polish does not gravitate to the center of the bubble and then drip. Moving it around keeps the layer even. Blow very lightly on the bubble to accelerate drying. If it bursts, then apply the polish again as before. You have an “imitation” magnifying glass.

*These can be made in all different sizes using different gauge wire and wood or wire handles.


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Contributed by: rosebuds


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