3-Dimensional Tole Framed Pictures


Tole is using 3 or more of the same print and cutting two prints into separate sections and gluing one directly on top of the other in order to form a real three dimension print.

Supplies Needed

*You will need at least 3 copies of the print you want to tole.

*Silicone Glue

*Sharp pointed small tweezers. {I use surgeon’s scissors but cuticle scissors work well.}


 Making the Picture…

*Choose which print will be the bottom print and set it aside.

*The second print you should cut out prominent features of the print, such as all the sections that are up close in the picture.

*As in this print, the face, hair, jumper, blouse, arm, hand, dress, the 3 trees.

*Cut these items out separately from one another. Such as cutting the face separate from the hair…the blouse from the jumper. The trees are cut out separately also. The far away trees are not cut out as they are in the distant background. The bird is cut out also.

*The rule of thumb for this kind of project is that for the objects in the foreground, you will want to cut 2 each…such as the dress in the final picture is three layers {counting the bottom flat picture}, the face is 2 layers, the hair is three layers. The larger tree on the left is three layers; the tree on the right is two layers.  The bird is two layers.  The bench edges only are cut out also with two layers. The farther away the object is the less layers and the objects in the complete background need no layering. {the far distant trees and the horizon}

*Cut out the objects of the first layer. 

*Squeeze out a small amount of silicone glue onto a piece of paper.

*Pick up the picture section you have cut out and dab carefully into the glue. Make sure you have glue on at least the top middle and bottom of the section. It is not necessary to cover the entire back of the section. Silicone glue “peaks” when you pull away and that is fine, no need to remove it because when you apply it to the picture, it will flatten…

*VERY IMPORTANT… when applying each layer of picture cut outs with glue

…DO NOT completely  press them down onto the bottom print…you do want it to be “raised” above the print. That is why you use silicone glue as it is very flexible and adjustable. If you press too much, no problem…just use your tweezers to pull it evenly back up.  The distance between the layers in this print is anywhere from 1/16-1/32nd”.  {a judgment call for each print you may be doing} {hint…when you are applying the layers, stand above the print and look directly down above it. If you look at it while it is flat on the table you may not get it directly on top of the bottom picture since you would be looking at it from an angle.}

*After you complete the first 3-D layer of the print…cut out sections of the 3rd print. This time you will not need all the sections as you did before, cutting out only the closer objects in the print. Adjust accordingly to the print you may use. *This dries completely in about 2 hours….

*Frame your print.


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Contributed by: rosebuds


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