Yellow Rain Slicker


No photo available (yet), if someone makes one, please email it to me and will include it here!


Supplies Needed

1 yellow rubber glove (Latex gloves used for washing dishes work real well)

Small black hooks and eyes



1. Snip the finger tip off one rubber glove

 2. Horizontally, cut just below the very tip of the finger tip.  Leave only a small amount of rubber which will be the hinge that holds the "hood" of the slicker.

 3. Cut the front of the slicker open so that you have two sides of the coat.

 4. Glue hooks to one side of the coat opening and eyes to the other along the coat opening.

 5. Make two tubes of rubber from the remaining rubber finger and glue to each side of the coat for sleeves.

 That's it, you're finished, one yellow rain slicker! Great for hanging in a cabin, light house or fire station.

Contributed by: tmpminis

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